the house of wigs

the house of wigs #54 · filed 11/02/04 · transcription krystyna lipovsky

Yeah I voted the shit out of that vote this morning. Took me forever to find a parking spot over by the magnet school, and here’s me, unsuccessfully trying to parallel park: “I’m being fucking disenfranchised over here!” This place sported the old-school switch-n-lever booths, which were new to me. In the past I’d either absentee’d or was in Cali where you form a circle and hold hands and share your thoughts and a moderator votes for the group based on “overall vibe.” So I was scared and had flashbacks to my awesome Y2K bumper sticker idea: “Don’t blame me, I accidentally voted for Buchanan!!” One of the local candidates was out front, shaking hands and looking a little crazed.

But the big news is yesterday I went to the 88 cent deli, which I hadn’t been to for a while, and they were closed last week with this unnerving “back in few days” sign. So I see they’re open again and walk in and notice there’s a new “this facility is monitored by video cameras” sign, and the tables are slightly rearranged, and the counter looks devoid of local newspaper clippings, and next to the chips are unfamiliar Mexican snack items (“Hot Thick Chorizo Chews” — could I have read that right?), and serving up sandwiches is not the sniping Italian husband-and-wife team but a man with “rugged Latin features” as Erik Estrada says. He made a mean turkey sandwich (actually superior to the previous owners!) and threw in a free piece of candy (which was yucky but I still appreciated!) and was listening to Spanish music instead of Jimmy Buffett (a marked improvement!) and I will return there tomorrow, but still, I was powerfully confused at the time, and once the realization of new management set in, I had the ridiculous but unsuppressable thought: Why didn’t they tell me?

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